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RADIO ACTION ROCK AND TALK (Platter and Chatter) 505 - September 27-17
September 27, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
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Friends: Can you believe it? Almost the end of September! And here on the west coast, mostly summer like weather continues - sure, the odd day of rain, but for the most part, still very usable days.

Here is the weekly Rock and Talk show from Radio Action. Lots of good tunes on this program including a TOP 10 that features back to back BOBs - all Bob all the time! Yes, ten of the best tunes by the likes of Bob Moore, Bob Dylan, Bobby Bare, Bob Seger, and Bob Luman - to name a few.

James is here with Motown and More, Al with his two part Retrospective Commentary (20 and 40 of hour 1) and Michael at the top of hour 2 with Rock and Roll News.

In between, I play the music!

So, for a fast paced hour of a little chatter and a whole lot of platter, give us a click!


Don and Al for the RA team.....

September 25, 2017 02:01 PM PDT
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Friends: I had a little fun on this program. Do you know what an "ear worm" is? Well, and ear worm is a tune, or snippet of a tune that gets lodged in your ear, or in your brain, and you cannot get it out. You hum it, you sing it, you think about it, and often you cannot identify it as to name or artist.

Piero Umilani provides this week's ear worm. As soon as you hear it, you will think "MUPPETS" but this is the ORIGINAL.

And you will be humming it, singing it and thinking it for a while......

Yes, we do play other music too, and some of the tunes featured on this week's show might also cause an ear worm effect - depending on how you relate to them.

I had some fun recording this show - I hope you have fun listening.

Rock, Roll and Remember - Radio Action.

Cheers from the Action Den

Don and Al......

September 22, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
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Friends: Here comes another edition of SOUND A THON 1967 and the continuation of the count down of the top 300 tunes that were on our radios up to and including that year.

Radio Action presents the FOURTH program in the series of fifteen - this week counting down from #240 and ending at #221.

It is a wonderful way to spend a day - reliving the memories of the 60's with the Radio Action team.

So, give us a click and get ready to rock and roll, 60's style.

Cheers for now.

Don and Al for Radio Action Sound Track of the Sixties.....

RADIO ACTION ROCK AND TALK (Platter and Chatter) 504 - September 20-17
September 20, 2017 06:00 AM PDT
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Friends: Midweek and time for another edition of the Rock and Talk Program from Radio Action.

This week's show starts right off with a BOOM - and then keeps pumping the sound right through the full two hours.

If you stay with us, you will hear the O'Jays, Peter Frampton, the 1910 Fruitgum Company, Carol King, the Crash Test Dummies, Doug and the Slugs and many, many more of the artists you have come to expect on Radio Action.

Al is here with a very interesting look at Canadians - Retrospective at 20 and 40 of hour one - James is in replay mode at about 25 with Motown and More and Michael hits us at the top of hour two with three minutes of the latest Rock and Roll News from Treasure Island Oldies.

All in all, a fast moving, fun show.

Give us a click and find out for yourself.

Cheers for now.

Don for Al and the Action Team.....

September 18, 2017 11:50 AM PDT
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Friends: Hello to all our Radio Action Fans and Listeners. Welcome to another RA week, kick-started by our Rock, Roll and Remember Program.

Let's get things rolling with Carly Simon, Trooper, Billy Paul, Aerosmith, the O'jays and Led Zepplin - just to name a few of the artists who appear on this week's show.

Don Suhan of WFSN and WXED sent a long a great oldie by the Tokens, and we play it later in the first hour of the show. Listen for it - and thanks Don for not only the request, but the track as well.

Radio Action continues to provide music to not only an appreciative internet audience, but to several radio stations as well. Welcome listeners to WFSN, WXED, WLDJ, WRSG and WELT. Thanks for tuning us in, on the radio on on the internet.

Now, give us a click and lets all Rock, Roll and Remember together.


Don and Al for Radio Action.....

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